Creative & Functional Solutions by Encore Landscaping, LLC

It’s All in the Details!

We really care about the details, and it shows in our work in many ways. The line of the edging curves where it should, the colors, and heights of the flowers coordinate in the desired way, the shapes of the shrubs are natural and spaced properly. The right plants are in the right place. Paving patterns are planned to minimize cutting and seams in awkward places. We select paver shapes to accent the shape of the patio or walk, and select paver colors. This doesn’t take a lot of money to achieve, it takes good design and a crew that cares.

No matter what your needs are or the size of your project, Encore Landscaping, LLC offers customized Landscape Design, Installation and Maintenance Services for homeowners and small businesses.

Landscape Maintenance
Encore Landscaping - landscape maintenance testimonial by Lee F - After

My parents’ large yard was getting beyond them, so I checked online for local firms offering landscape maintenance.  Encore was well-rated. I called, and got a fast response from Diane Tapp, who owns Encore. She and her right hand man Jeff came out within a few days and walked the property with me, pointing out

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Spring Cleanup

Encore  Landscaping did a basic spring clean up. They did the mulching, trimmed back the bushes, and trimmed back all of the perennials. They are great. This is the third year we have had them. They are very good at what they do. We have a lot of gardens, a lot of mulch and a

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Landscaping Design with Solutions

As a repeat customer, originally for yard maintenance, the work developed into a plan to redesign of most of the property.  A storm caused the removal of 9 old trees, exposing the once shady yard into an area half filled with sun. After the trees were removed with cranes by another company, large areas of

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Walkway & Plantings
Walkway & Plantings - Cindy S.

Diane Tapp and the crew from Encore Landscaping turned my front yard into the prettiest front yard in the neighborhood. I have a lot of issues in my yard and I needed a lot of work done. First, they removed an old crumbling brick walk and replaced it with beautiful slate. They pulled out the

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